Septa golang library and command

Thu Dec 24, 2020

Find it at

A golang library for the septa api, and a command line tool to see the train status.

I used to commute to work

My Septa project is two things; a golang library to the septa api, and a command line tool to check when the train will be at the station and if it is running late.

You can build the project easily if you have docker on your mac and use ~/bin on your path.

To see the Next To Arrive in the terminal type:

septa next Narberth "Suburban Station"

And you’ll see if the train is on time.

Update 12/24/2020

Added a stations command to list out the names of the stations that can be used in next.

Also added an alerts command so you can see if there are any system alerts. For all the routes, or just the route you are looking for.