Starter for an AppEngine go service

Thu Jun 30, 2016

Find it at

Let's say you do a lot of backend work, and you want to start a backend service that has a version endpoint and is hosted on Google AppEngine, well, you can easily start by cloning this project...

Where I work, I do a lot of backend services work

I spend most of my time on the backend api, not the frontend user experience. So I usually need to quickly start a backend api service and get it going immediately so we can play around with some ideas and get things going quickly.

In the future, since I’ve been playing with firebase a lot, I might just end up using that, but there isn’t a good authentication project I can clone right now. Perhaps that is next on the task list.

You can get going by cloning this project, change the package name, and you have a version endpoint that is populated by some basic environment variables.

There’s a makefile to let you pull in your dependencies by githash, convert the app.yaml, and deploy.