So I’ve been using the Pixel C for a few hours

I like it a lot. I read a very little bit about the pixel c before I started using it, and I was mainly concerned with:

  1. Alt-tab - there was conjecture it doesn’t work. Well, it does switch between apps, so rest easy.
  2. No escape key. You can hit the ‘…’ key and 1 so in emacs parlance …-1 is escape. Works great.

I was a little concerned with finding a good ssh client app. So far I like connectbot. I’ve been using connectbot for a couple of years, but haven’t used it recently. So far it works great. I did not bother with trying to import an existing private key, and instead had it generate a new private key and then placed the public one where I need to ssh to.

So far a logitech bluetooth mouse is working well for me. I thought about using an apple magicmouse, but I haven’t yet tried it.

The display is quite nice. I haven’t tried listening to music yet, but will try soon.

the keyboard

So there are a lot of people that care about keyboards. I’m not one of them. I can pretty much use whatever keyboard is in front of me and I have about the same typing speed on all of them. I can do about 65 words per minute (adjusted for errors) consistently, with bursts to 100 wpm at time for easy copy. I don’t mind the pixel c keyboard so far, but I do admit I’m having trouble with the /? key getting in the way of right-shift. Otherwise I’m good. It took a few minutes to learn …-1 as the escape key, but that hasn’t been a problem so far, mainly because I prefer emacs instead of vi.